chapter xxxi: myeck's immigrant uncle
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part ii: rock 'n roll ball

myeck's immigrant uncle enjoyed great success with his White Basketball Style program and for over a decade he fielded a team that played regularly against local high schools teams in a three-state area.
They rarely won, but their unmistakably white style endeared them to audiences and won them a legion of fans, many of whom would follow the team wherever they played.  Their host schools quickly learned to charge a small admission fee to the games and turned a tidy profit.  The team was invariably invited back for return visits.
His fondest hope, however, was not to be realized.  Although he had been quietly grooming his teenage son to take over as coach and, eventually, owner of the White basketball team, the rebellious boy shocked his father on his 18th birthday with the news that he was quitting to become the manager of the celebrated all-albino goth-metal band, Beyond The Pale.  The "old man" was so furious he burned his entire collection of ABBA records.