chapter xc: keep watching the skies!
part v: the M.I.W.
Just weeks after receiving a manilla envelope containing the now-famous captured UFO photographs from the controversial UFO investigator Gek Dweper, myeck's cousin Ingebeeld Neef received a frantic answering machine message from a nearly hysterical Dweper, claiming to have been visited by the sinister, mysterious agents known only as the Men In White.
 "Nobody knows the the men in whiteness really is or the they work for," Neef explains. "You are of rumors, bang upward without admonition at the homes of people, the UFOs has encountered, or foreigners, confiscates all of their proof, manufacture bizarre menaces, and ordinary acting so strange that the first several populates that has tells so that meeting them was thought, angry to be!  Are they foreigners, or is they, works for some confidential government agent original retains a cover on UFO information?"
Although Dweper's words were sometimes hard to make out, Neef managed to transcribe Dweper's call for us.  It may be disturbing to sensitive readers, but we are including excerpts from it here because his account has all the hallmarks of a classic Men In White encounter: 
"Neef! Neef!  Are you there?  For servant-girls because of, takes upward!  They were here Neef!  They were straight here!  The men In whiteness! [incoherent] out of the water-closet and them sat there watching Petticoat-Crossing into Croatian and I receive even the Croatian channel not!  They had all my research [gutteral sound] all of him!  You putted into empty Herb Alpert phonograph blankets it to picks up, all the same one, a with the girl with the foam-cream, God so that they had a pile of them!  You have said to me, so that they never were here, and I never have something sees and all of an abrupt an of them begins trying, sells something me!"
"He depart this appliance, Neef!  He has said it, that was a big new electric razor, and he wanted, that I sees it how was big, and if I simple all my clothes take down he I shows through shaving me everywhere about!"
"It was how a dream, Neef!  I have felt how me, had no control over my own body and me [sobbing] blinking it, blinking it, blinking it! [gutteral] I have them down takes and he... Oh God! [hangs up]"

After several days, Neef has managed to get in touch with Dweper.  Dweper denies ever having met the Men In White and adds that he has lost interst in UFOs and is trying to raise some venture capital to buy a small electric shaver manufacturer.