chapter xc: keep watching the skies!
part vi: primer directive
myeck's cousin Ingebeeld Neef has reported that UFOlogists in the Old Country are buzzing over the recent UFO sightings over the desert city of Brandvogel:  "The government, how usual, exists on, that it was straight a Squadron of military-airplanes flying over the area, but this is silliness because all knows, that our air force-pilots don't fly can in Formation."
The truly exciting thing about this event however, says Neef, was the presence of mind of several people with video cameras, who have given us irrefutable evidence: several minutes of clear, unmistakable video of people watching the UFOs.
Adding to the intrigue is the fact that the UFOs were seen heading over the mountains in the direction of the legendary Zone 25, where, Neef has recently been hearing, "not only the government in the confidential is allowed several aliens, to live, but has granted them several agreeable situation, including free day worries and an extensive health-worry-system, that hits our, all deepening!"
"And they have a high-quality elementary school for all the person-alien hybrid children so that they breeding are -- not only the school is free however they are impeded without yard, taxes above on him all!"  Neef promises to keep us informed as new information comes in.