chapter xvii: Guglielmo Carrochiuso
part iii: chopsticks
Pining away in a friend's home in German wilderness, Guglielmo Carrochiuso fell into a depression that only deepened until, after nearly two years, he discovered by chance that his friend had a piano.  Immediately all his passion returned, and he was soon happily back doing what he loved best.  He also regained an interest in music. 

Back in Vienna, Carrochiuso found that anger had cooled, although memory hadn't faded. 

While he was welcomed back to the city, it was with the proviso that whenever he was in the presence of either a girl or a cello he had to be surrounded by burly men with truncheons who would smack him one good whenever they suspected that he might be thinking about something other than music.

Although he was glad to be back involved in music, Carrochiuso once again began to consider other fields of endeavor.