chapter c: shrouded in the myths of time
myeck's immigrant mother often used religious imagery in instructing and guiding her children. Unfortunately, her religion was from the old country and was completely unknown in America and to her children, so her references simply left them confused and afraid. Therefore, as a public service, we present a brief excerpt from their mythology:
part iii: in one basket
One day, Old Lady was having one of her naps when she was awakened by Servant Girl.  The evil Giant had appeared at the edge of the Estate and was scaring all the workers.  He had torn out the Topiary and used it to pin Stable Boy in the Maze.  He had depressed all the horses by telling them that they were really cows and by the time Old Lady and Servant Girl arrived he had nearly killed all the sheep by telling them they were so stupid they didn't know how to breathe, which was true, but still...
When he saw Old Lady, Giant shouted out that he would do horrid things every day for ever. 
Old Lady realized that Giant was just sad because he didn't have a Special Thing.  She went to Bird, and Bird laid a special Egg for her to give to Giant so he could have a Special Thing of his own.  Giant was so happy he jumped up and down, killing most of the surviving livestock. 

And that is why you should never give Special Things to Giants.