chapter xiii: amazing feet


myeck had a sister. May still have, for all we know. As you are probably aware, myeck doesn't exactly have a lot to say these days. 
 Every summer, myeck's immigrant parents would send his sister off to stay with relatives.

myeck didn't know his sister very well. She was older than he, socially popular, academically brilliant and immersed in the Arts. Having had little in common with her, myeck's knowledge of her life was sketchy, but this much is known: 

Musically gifted, she began singing the classic Irish folk songs at a young age, picked up the Uilleann Bagpipes as soon as she was big enough to pick them up, and began playing them shortly after. 

With her luxuriant red curls and her clear voice with its delightful, expressive brogue, she confused and frightened her parents, who had never heard of Ireland. 

But it was her incredible dancing ability that really set her apart, and seeing it as her ticket to a good life, not to mention an opportunity for a few month's respite from the sounds of countless Danny Boy rehearsals, they shipped her off every summer to stay with a relative who owned a Dance studio. 

As soon as she became a legal adult, she left to pursue a dancing career in Ireland.  

The family lost touch with her after that, until a relative still in the Old Country sent them a poster advertising a tour of Riverdance with her photo featured prominently.Excitedly the family made phone calls, hoping to get back in touch, but when they finally reached the touring company, they were told that she had been fired for being "too funky". 

No further information is available.

The last known photo of myeck's sister, from an early European production of Riverdance.