chapter xi: acting peculiar

myeck pursued an acting career with little success.  

In the wake of the success of the Muppet Babies animated series, television networks and studios scrambled to produce "baby" versions of popular shows.
  Studio publicity shot of myeck as "Baby Darren".

One of the more questionable projects was the Bewitched Kids show. After a grueling round of auditions, myeck won the role of "Baby Darren" and a pilot episode was filmed in front of a live audience. 

One of the first pilots shown to "test audiences," it was the very first to be dropped after the extremely negative audience reaction cards were tabulated. 

Primary problems were the audience's confusion over Darren and Baby Samantha being married at such a young age, and at the entire cast of characters, including Samantha's mother Baby Endora and daughter Baby Tabitha all being between the ages of five and seven.  
Another near-break came with myeck being cast as the Scarecrow in a remake of The Wizard of Oz. The studio clashed with director George Romero over the direction the project was taking however, and the project was shelved.   
Dawn of Oz production sketch of myeck's costume and makeup.