chapter i: who is this guy?
Much of what has been written about myeck in the past has been based on hearsay, rumor and outright lies. This leads the reader to the inevitable question: just who is this myeck person anyway?

Despite having been raised by immigrant parents, myeck had a perfectly normal Midwestern childhood, playing baseball, eating ice cream and bailing his father out of jail on Saturday mornings just like millions of other kids.
The rest of the week he was pretty much free to do as he pleased. 

A mediocre student, myeck was never able to completely overcome the hurdles of dyslexia, extremely poor eyesight, and what his primary school guidance counselor referred to as "total cluelessness." Nonetheless, by working hard, never giving up, and convincing the school administration to count his lunchroom cashier work as Math credits, he was able to graduate high school with a real-looking diploma.

myeck's dyslexia caused him much grief in his childhood. Unlike other troubled youths, however, he never turned to worshipping Santa.

After several abortive attempts by his immigrant parents to steer him into a career in organized crime, they then made several equally abortive attempts to get him into Show Business, another field, they reasoned, in which a person with myeck's qualifications might have some faint hope of succeeding. 

Although he explored many aspects of the entertainment field, myeck's closest brush with success came when he formed a folk-singing duo with Medea Anaesthesis, another myopic child of immigrants whom he had met in his remedial music-appreciation class. 

Calling themselves Mick & Medee, they were signed to a regional record label and released one single, the protest anthem Ain't Gonna Starch My Nehru No More (b/w Baby Better Get With It), which was almost a local hit. Upon hearing the song, myeck's immigrant father happily announced that his son finally had a criminal record.  The duo broke up when each of them put on their glasses, looked at each other, and realized what a square their partner was. Medea has remained active in the music industry, and is now a staff arranger for 101 Strings. A Mick & Medee publicity photo. myeck is on the left. Neither of them could afford contact lenses.

She denies ever having known myeck.