chapter xc: keep watching the skies!
part ii: the Roosbron incident
myeck's cousin Ingebeeld Neef has been following with interest the growing controversy in the Old Country over the crash and recovery of an alleged alien space craft in the early 1950s in a remote valley, outside the village of Roosbron.
"At first, the military has dealt as bewildered as any body. You have sealed away the area, and eye filters late said they, is a stoned flying saucer recovers and three or maybe four real dead alien body. Everyone became excited and fearful. Some days late, they have announced, that it straight was a little airplane-carrying a military message-bearer, the has had an accident, if the pilot became through fumes overpowers while crossing over the mountains.
"This photo of an of the alien corpses became actually runs in the Roosbrun News Of Things however the military has seized quickly the printing, plates and all the copies so that they could!"
This has done sense to many people, how each knows, that the mountain-people are extremely gaseous."  

The incident was largely forgotten until the early 1980s, when witnesses, no longer willing to keep silent, began to come forward. Slowly, old photos, thought long-destroyed, began to surface, topped by the shocking news that a businessman had obtained, and was selling on video cassette, what was purported to be a secret military film of the autopsy of one the the dead aliens.

"The film provides does became through a company with head-quarters right here in Moeras Damp At. Some frames of the end of the film became skillful the company and they could, to confirms that it had coated actually film. The government, natural, allegations, that it knows nothing, over the film!
The film is very controversial. It even more controversial is, if further people into these land TV-sentences had. 
   A still photo from the still controversial "Alien Autopsy" film. Here, although the autopsy has already been completed, the conscientious hospital orderlies continue to offer hot, nourishing soup to the dead alien.
Each body, that has seen it, has their own opinion, especially over the type of soup-existence has serves."