chapter xc: keep watching the skies!
part vii: giant steps
Ingebeeld Neef reports that the familiar rumor here in the USA, that the government is behind shows like The X-Files and M.I.B. as part of a disinformation campaign, is repeated about the government of the Old Country as well.  "The idea is, if you retain see these stories in fictional programs on the old twit-crate, you give the same ideas a yellow eye, portrays has how reality."
These stories are nothing new, at least when directed at these familiar targets. But Neef has recieved evidence that leads him to a stunning conclusion: that the government of Japan, desperate to avoid both domestic panic and loss of face internationally, has been behind the production of a wide variety of movies and television shows from Godzilla to Pokemon, for the same reason!  
"Tokyo receives damages has almost 
each week, but they say it, is just 
Toho or which also manufacture 
of one more film!"
Even more shocking, the Japanese government has apparently been doing this not only at scale far beyond the US government's alleged tamperings in Hollywood, but for an amazingly long time - at least the late 1950s! And the secrets aren't limited to movies.
"Evidence wants the photograph at right proves that not only the situation is real, but the attacks are so serious and so frequent that it a special branch of the Japanese polices now touches the problems, causes has through gigantic mutant gorilla only!"
Neef is in touch with his Japanese colleagues who promise to keep him apprised of any new developments.