chapter xc: keep watching the skies!
part i: pie in the sky
myeck's cousin Ingebeeld Neef has been researching UFOs since the early 1960s and is a leading authority on the subject of UFO activity in the Old Country. Neef's interest began when he had a sighting of an alien spacecraft in early 1963, a few miles outside his home city of Moeras Damp: "I have done repeated attempts, tells the incident to the authorities, only my reports have has dismissed, as the lights of Moeras Damp, or even the cliche, 'swamp-gas.' Senses, that the government has known something, so that they didn't say, I have the field researching vigorous I start."
"What so that I have discovers shocks has to my very seed. The documents so that I have found, has convinced me, that the government was conspiring proof of repeated alien visits to conceal, the government itself in direct contact is with alien civilizations and misleads purposely not only however the people of his own land, the whole world." 

"An of my very surprising early findings the picture at right was, the clear shows the military officer of a uniform literally closings eyes to the eyesight of a saucer flying almost directly above! 


"Photographic experts confirm, that this type of shot impossible has faked!"

Amazingly, the government, if has opposite-steps with this undeniable proof, simple explains that it is an ordinary, earthly object!"

Even more disturbing, Neef and his fellow UFO researchers soon discovered that their government was willing to go to extreme measures to throw them off the trail or to discredit their work.
The photo to the right is an example. Copied by a sympathetic civilian employee at the Rectangle, this classified picture shows a military scientist examining the wreckage of an alien spacecraft that crashed in a remote valley in the early 1950s. UFO researchers quickly disseminated the picture and it briefly made headlines.
"Soon, but, the military has held a press-discussion, and has claimed, that it was an old picture through a house-ware manufacturer advertisement a new line of bundt cake-pans. They are into each library goes into the nation and has each copy of replaced the June of 1962 issue of The Magazine For House Ladies with one has changed, artificially-old copy including that picture itself in a advertise! The TV-news programs has done us, out of stupid people!"