chapter iii: hanger 18

  An impromptu family reunion at Mervyn's. myeck's immigrant father had a small, partially formed conjoined twin attached to his left hip. Refusing all suggestions that he have it surgically removed, he also refused to be self-conscious of it, and proudly lugged it around with him for nearly 30 years, until it was discovered that it was not a twin at all: confused by his new country's alien culture but determined to fit in, the plucky immigrant's first move in America had been to buy a new suit and put it on, oblivious to the hanger and extra pair of pants still wedged in the jacket. 
The discovery of its true nature was a great relief to his wife, but, saddened by the loss of his twin, the brother he never had, he never missed an opportunity to tuck an extra pair of trousers inside his jacket. Suspicious store clerks and security guards had little sympathy for him and no time for his "Siamese Pants" explanations, and he was often in trouble with the local authorities.