chapter c: shrouded in the myths of time
myeck's immigrant mother often used religious imagery in instructing and guiding her children. Unfortunately, her religion was from the old country and was completely unknown in America and to her children, so her references simply left them confused and afraid. Therefore, as a public service, we present a brief excerpt from their mythology:
part ii: a pain in the eggs
Servant Girl loves Old Lady and loves working for her on the Estate. 
Life on the Estate would be perfect except for two things: the unwanted attentions of Orchard Man, and the presence of her bratty younger brother, Stable Boy. Oh, he is an OK kid most of the time, but sometimes he can be so immature! Sometimes Servant Girl thinks she would like to just strangle him! He loves to embarrass her in front of her friends and she's pretty sure that he snoops through her Private Things when she's not around.

One of his favorite tricks is to tape "kick me" signs on the back of Servant Girl's friend Cook. He thinks he is sooooo funny.
One time, the sign was taped on so tight that it took all of Servant Girl's strength to pull it off.
One day, Old Lady gave Stable Boy an egg that was cold and dark. We know it as Uranus. In the Old Country, it was known by a different name which didn't make young boys fall down laughing.

Like Servant Girl, he carries his egg around with him even though it has grown big and heavy. It may slow him down but it doesn't keep him from annoying his sister. Sometimes Servant Girl just can't take it any more, and even though she knows she shouldn't, she takes the World and gives him one good, right on the head.
And that is why there are earthquakes.

Servant Girl uses the new
O CEDAR Dust Mop exclusively!