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An assortment of audio recordings in MP3 format

Once upon a time, myeck's immigrant parents bought the kids a tape recorder.

A tragic mistake.

myeck has posted a few "original" recordings of "music" on his blog, myeck's big waste of space

<>As featured on NPR:  Dictonaraoke.  Popular songs as sung by the Talking Dictionary.  Check out for lots more.

The reviews are in - hear for yourself why Chris Goode declared myeck's version of The Lion Sleeps Tonight to be "splendid but presumably terminally stupid."

NOW!  All five of myeck's Dictionaraoke tracks: Michelle, Tomorow Never Knows, She Blinded Me With Science, the Lion Sleeps Tonight, and Time Of The Season, are available as a single ZIP archive, which is like a RAR only much zippier.  CLICK HERE!

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"Sundae monkey bone tray bean on Tom?"  French is TRULY the language of love.  Too bad the Talking Dictionary is only in English...
3.33 MB mp3

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Tomorrow Never Knows

Never has turning off your mind been such an imperative.

2.57 MB mp3


 Selections from myeck's magnificent octopus,
myeck's big waste o' time:
The entirely entire Big Waste O' Time, all 22 tracks, over 40 minutes of stupidity, is now available in a RAR archive, which is like a ZIP archive but much rarier. 

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  NEW!  UFO Report # 1

The daily radio report that dares to tell the TRUTH about UFOs!.
3.58 MB mp3

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John Little is My Name

Robin Hood asks a certain fella a certain question.
1.35 MB mp3

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The Banjo (You Can Play Now)

Ever wish you could play a musical instrument?  No?  Well, try your hand at the banjo anyway.  It's easy, and here's how it's done.
1.3 MB mp3

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I Love Small Babies!

Our friendly radio announcer pal provides helpful hints for washing your
baby, and handy tips to ensure a successful party.  NOT RECOMMENDED
for anyone who ever looked at a baby and smiled.
1.8 MB mp3


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Here We Go Through The Blackberry Bush

Gender confusion abounds as Robin Hood decides spend the rest of his/her days in Sherwood Forest, where nobody would ever see him/her again.  Obstacles arise, however, and things don't work out as planned.
1.5 MB mp3

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Things To Do In Denver When You're On A Train

Riding on trains is fun, isn't it? Some people just can't seem to stop.
0.5 MB mp3

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