Like a tiger robbed of his whelks, myeck poured his mind through
The Colander Of Wisdom

Having devoted many years of study to the subject, myeck became convinced that all the information needed for a truly full and rich existence could be obtained from the covers of paperback books.

Devoting endless hours to searching, pondering, weeding out the unfit, not to mention the vast, teetering piles of discarded copies of "Yes I Can!" which daily threaten to end life on Earth as we know it, myeck attempted to build a cogent and coherent life-method from these humble little tomes.

Those who knew him may be struck at the daunting nature of this task for someone who rarely managed to produce a coherent sentence, let alone a philosophy, but myeck toiled long and hard at his labor, always hopeful that he would live to see it completed.  It was not to be, however, for at a critical stage, long before it was finished, he went out for a pizza instead.

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